Emp Resource Page


Task Descriptions

Bathing, Hair Care, Shaving, Dressing/Undressing, Oral Hygiene, Toileting, Nail Care, Incontinence Care, Assistance with Bed Pan/ Urinal/ Commode, Positioning/ Turning, Transfers, Assistance with Medication, and Care of Hearing Aids/ Glasses/ Prosthetic Devices/ Personal Equipment

Washing Windows, Cleaning Out Fridge/Freezer, Cleaning Oven, Rearranging Furniture, Washing Walls Cleaning/Rearranging Closets, Stripping/Waxing Floors, Seasonal Decorations, Washing Curtains/Blinds, Cleaning Out Basements/Garages, Packing Moving Boxes, Cobwebs, and Unusual Laundry Items (i.e. rugs, bed spreads)

Transportation To Appointments Or Outings By: Driving Your Car, Driving Client Car, Wheels Bus, Assisting With Ambulation, Driving Safely Representing IASBG, and Safely

Dusting, Vacuuming, Sweeping/Mopping, Making Beds, Cleaning Kitchen, Cleaning Bathroom, Doing Laundry, Trash Removal, Ironing, Grocery Shopping, Organizing Clutter

Providing Client with Assistance/Companionship/Comfort, Assessing Physical, Mental, and Emotional Well-Being of Clients, Providing Personal Care, Homemaking, Medication Reminders, and Meal Planning As Needed

Prescription Pick-Up, Ensuring Medication  Regularity, Assist Building Daily Routines, Expiration Monitoring, Increasing Medication Visibility, and Wellness Checks