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Task Descriptions

Below are some examples of outlined tasks that are to be completed while you are performing a shift. Each client will want specific tasks so please reference their individual Plan of Care to clarify any additional needs.  

Bathing, Hair Care, Shaving, Dressing/Undressing, Oral Hygiene, Toileting, Nail Care, Incontinence Care, Assistance with Bed Pan/ Urinal/ Commode, Positioning/ Turning, Transfers, Assistance with Medication, and Care of Hearing Aids/ Glasses/ Prosthetic Devices/ Personal Equipment

Washing Windows, Cleaning Out Fridge/Freezer, Cleaning Oven, Rearranging Furniture, Washing Walls Cleaning/Rearranging Closets, Stripping/Waxing Floors, Seasonal Decorations, Washing Curtains/Blinds, Cleaning Out Basements/Garages, Packing Moving Boxes, Cobwebs, and Unusual Laundry Items (i.e. rugs, bed spreads)

Transportation To Appointments Or Outings By: Driving Your Car, Driving Client Car, Wheels Bus, Assisting With Ambulation, Driving Safely Representing IASBG, and Safely 

Dusting, Vacuuming, Sweeping/Mopping, Making Beds, Cleaning Kitchen, Cleaning Bathroom, Doing Laundry, Trash Removal, Ironing, Grocery Shopping, Organizing Clutter

Providing Client with Assistance/Companionship/Comfort, Assessing Physical, Mental, and Emotional Well-Being of Clients, Providing Personal Care, Homemaking, Medication Reminders, and Meal Planning As Needed

Prescription Pick-Up, Ensuring Medication  Regularity, Assist Building Daily Routines, Expiration Monitoring, Increasing Medication Visibility, and Wellness Checks

Schedule Request

Please complete a Schedule Request for each date needed. If you are requesting multiple dates, submit a Schedule Request for each day. One Schedule Request will NOT cover multiple dates.


Accrued PTO may only be used to obtain 40 hours per week. PTO cannot be used to obtain overtime in any given week. PTO can only be used for a maximum of 8 hours per day/per request.

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